How to Hide an Ugly Bed Frame

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Hide an unattractive bed frame so it's not so noticeable.

Bed frames provide support and elevation to a mattress. The downside is that they're designed more for function than aesthetic appeal. Hiding your ugly bed frame in one of several ways can improve the appearance of your bedroom. Some methods also provide protection from the hard metal as well.


Step 1

Remove the mattress from the top of the box spring. Spread a bed skirt especially designed for hiding the frame across the box spring. Use one in the correct size for your bed. Place the mattress on top and make any adjustments to the skirt for optimum appearance.

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Step 2

Wrap the ugly bed frame in fabric or anything from old neckties to ribbon to fake ivy vines. Cut strips of your chosen material and, starting at one end of the metal, bind it tightly around until you reach the other end of the metal. Continue until the whole ugly frame is concealed by wrap.


Step 3

Hide the ugly bed frame by covering the entire bed with a quilt, blanket or comforter that's larger than necessary for your bed size. Drape the extra fabric downward to conceal the frame.

Step 4

Protect and soften the harsh metal of the ugly frame by hiding it with foam pool noodles. Select a color that goes well with your room décor. Lay the pool noodle in front of you and cut a horizontal slit that extends the length of the noodle and is deep enough to reach the center hole. Stick the pool noodle along the top of the bed frame. Repeat with as many noodles as necessary to give full coverage.

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