How to Clean Perfume Bottles

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Clean the inside of perfume bottles with white vinegar.

You may wish to reuse an empty perfume bottle or display a fancy or antique perfume bottle that you have held onto for several years. Running a perfume bottle through a dishwasher may crack or even break the bottle, and scrubbing the inside of the perfume bottle likely will not remove all of the perfume's fragrance from the bottle's interior. Simply soaking the bottle may not remove all of the perfume residue inside. Cleaning perfume bottles effectively is easy.


Step 1

Empty all contents from the perfume bottle.

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Step 2

Fill the perfume bottle with an equal amount of white vinegar and warm water. Shake the perfume bottle gently to mix the liquids.

Step 3

Leave the water and vinegar mixture inside the perfume bottle for an hour before pouring it out.


Step 4

Add warm water to the perfume bottle so that it is between 50 and 75 percent full.

Step 5

Put a teaspoon of a mild liquid dish soap and a teaspoon of uncooked rice inside the perfume bottle. These two ingredients break up and remove oil and other gunk inside the perfume bottle.


Step 6

Shake the perfume bottle gently for about 30 seconds so that the rice and soap make their way around the entire bottle.

Step 7

Leave the ingredients in the perfume bottle for an hour.

Step 8

Empty the bottle and rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Let the bottle air dry. Make sure it's completely dry before you put any lid, cap or sprayer back onto the bottle.



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