How to Get a Window Blind to Close Tighter

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Window blinds are a great alternative to curtains if you want to let natural light into your home while maintaining privacy, but blinds that let in too much light are annoying, especially if you have a street light right outside your bedroom window or you want to sleep in after the sun is up. Try these methods for getting a window blind to close tighter.


1. Check for Obstructions or Broken Strings

Check whether the draw cord is obstructed. Blinds open and close either with a pull cord or with a stiff wand that you turn to open or close the slats. If the cord is tangled or knotted or if the wand is twisted beyond its natural range of movement, the slats may not close properly. Similarly, check whether the string ladders holding the slats together are tight and not worn.


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2. Flip Up Horizontal Blinds

The normal way for horizontal blinds to sit when closed is for the top of the horizontal slats to be angled toward the window. Depending on the design of your blinds, you may find that they close tighter when flipped the other way — that is, with what is normally the bottom edge of the horizontal slat facing up. While this isn't how the blinds were designed to be used, it's a quick fix (or even a more permanent one) if you're not in the market for new blinds.


3. Replace Broken Slats

If any of the slats are broken, bent, or twisted, they won't close tightly. You can straighten some bent blinds with a slat straightener tool. If that doesn't work, replace a damaged slat by unscrewing the whole blind from its mounting, laying it flat on a surface, and removing the cord straps that connect the slats together.


4. Check the Blind Mounting

If these suggestions don't work, check the mounting. Tighten loose screws and make sure the mounting brackets fixing the headrail in place are secure and not off center or tilted.

5. Replace Your Blinds

Sometimes, a simple fix just isn't possible. If the wrong type of blinds for the window space were installed in the first place or if they've aged and deteriorated, you might need new blinds. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping to ensure a better, tighter fit in the future:




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