The Best Contact Paper for Kitchen Cabinets

Old or damaged kitchen cabinets can be restored through painting over the existing finish or stripping them of the original paint or varnish and starting from scratch. Incorporating decorative contact paper into the renovations enhances the décor of the kitchen. Some home decorators also use contact paper to line the interior shelves of kitchen cabinets. Certain styles work best for exterior and interior cabinet treatments.

Contact paper spruces up old kitchen cabinets.

Best Contact Paper for Cabinet Surfaces

For best results, choose contact paper for cabinet surfaces that complements the paint and kitchen style and use it to cover some of the flat surfaces of the cabinets such as the doors, facings or the border where the cabinet tops meet the ceiling. Cover a few areas at a time and absorb the visual effects of the paper for a day or two before adding more, as it is easy to overdo the contact paper and ruin the ambiance of the room. The best type to cover cabinet surfaces is labeled washable. For best results, choose a thin contact paper with maximum flexibility to snugly adhere into the trims and flourishes commonly found on kitchen cabinet doors and drawer facings.

Best Cabinet Lining Contact Paper

To best prevent scratching cabinet shelves and protect them from damp dishes or spilled pantry items, line them with washable contact paper that is thicker than the type used for cabinet surfaces. It's best to choose colors or patterns that harmonize with the exterior cabinet colors. The best cabinet lining contact paper has non-stick surfaces to deter the slippage of glassware and dinnerware. If pests are a kitchen problem, the best contact paper to use is unscented, non-toxic bug repellent contact paper that keeps the cupboards free of cockroaches, ants, weevils and other common kitchen pests. Contact lining paper can be applied to painted or unfinished wood shelves or directly on top of particleboard or fiberboard.

Patterns vs. Solids

Contact paper is available in a wide range of patterns ranging from bold geometric motifs to delicate floral designs. Solid contact paper colors range from white to bright, primary hues as well as stainless steel and copper finishes. The best contact paper choice is a color or style that matches the style of your kitchen.

Maintenance and Removal

The best contact paper for kitchen cabinet surfaces and lining has an adhesive backing that keeps the paper in place but can still be removed and replaced when it is worn or you want to redecorate your cabinets. For cabinets that are heavily used, the best contact paper to use is the type with extra-durable coatings that withstand repeated washing.

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