How to Open a Picture Frame

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To hang a picture frame, look for a hanger or hook. You may need to turn the hanger slightly from a flat position. Hang it on a nail on the wall.

To place a frame on a table, pull up its leg as far as it will go. Place the frame on the table surface. If the leg is two-way, you can stand it horizontally or vertically.

Modern picture frames are easy to open.
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Originally picture frames and paintings were one piece, with the art painted directly on the display panel. But this proved too expensive, so craftsmen developed techniques to separate the frame from its content. Modern picture frames used in homes are much cheaper and simpler in design, and opening them up to change out a picture or piece of artwork of your own is a simple process.


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Step 1

Remove the picture frame from the wall or box. Lay down the frame gently with its backside up.

Step 2

Find the locks that keep the frame's back portion closed. Turn each lock about 90 degrees to unlock it.


Step 3

Hold the frame with one hand. Gently pull up its leg by the other to raise the frame cover.

Step 4

Lift the back cover on its hinge. Take out its contents and insert a photograph inside if desired. Remember to turn the locks and close the back again.