How to Hang Foam Board

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Foam board gives decorators a lightweight alternative to plywood and other wood. Options include clocks to scrapbook paper-covered pieces of foam board to larger projects like a wall-mounted headboard of foam board covered in batting. In addition to being lightweight, foam board requires no special wall prep such as anchoring to hold even a large piece of foam board.

Removable Tape

Double-sided tape is an option, but if you hang foam board on a painted surface, removing the tape might peel away some paint. Opt for tape that is removable and can be positioned without harming paint. You'll pay a little more than you would if you used your handy duct tape, but the end result for your paint is better. Place a piece of tape in each corner of the foam board and press it in place on the wall.


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Hook-and-loop fastening systems, are a secure way to hang foam core. Buy dots or strips with removable adhesive to protect the hanging surface. Put a hook and loop together so they cling. Remove the paper backing from one side and stick it onto the foam board. For large items, place a dot or strip in each corner. Smaller items may need only one centered dot. After sticking the needed pieces on the back of the foam board, remove the paper backing from the sets and press it in place on the wall as desired.


String Holder

Cut a piece of thick string or yarn to stretch across the back of the project. Don't pull the string too tight; it needs to give a little. Hot glue the string to the back of the foam board. Stick a thumbtack, nail or picture hook into the wall and slip the string over it to hang. Slide the foam board around until it is balanced.


Foam Hangers

There are hangers made especially for foam board. Push the prongs into the back side or the top edge of the foam board and hang. Some foam hangers are made to slip tightly over the edge. Part of this style of hanger is visible.

Hanging Hardware

Other hanging hardware can be used on foam board. Sawtooth and D-ring hangers are ways to hang wooden frames and large decor so they are ideal for lighter weight foam board. Hot glue them in place on the back of the foam board.



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