How do I Find Out What Kind of Longaberger Basket I Have?

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Correctly identifying your Longaberger basket can make the difference between selling it to a collector and selling it at a garage sale. You must know what kind of basket you have to determine the value.

A basket that was only available for a limited time will be much more valuable than a basket from the regular line. If you have one of those baskets you will want to know the value before you decide to keep it, sell it or give it away.

On the bottom of the basket you will find the Longaberger name, the weaver's initials, the year the basket was woven and perhaps a special logo if the basket is from a special collection. Baskets from certain collections, such as the Christmas baskets or the Hostess Appreciation baskets, may have a metal plaque on the front band.

A local Longaberger consultant is your best resource for determining value; most consultants have a long history as a collector or consultant and they will know what collection that basket belongs to. There is also a book called The Bentley Guide that shows pictures of the baskets and gives details about dimensions, colors and prices.


Melanie Murphy

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