How to Order Sunsetter Awning Parts

Sunsetter Awning has been selling products to customers for many years now. The retractable awning has become a favorite of many home owners, because of its versatility and affordability. It provides shade when needed and neatly folds against the home when not in use. However just like any other product, sometimes things wear out or are dammaged and need to be replaced.

Step 1

Assure that your Sunsetter Awning has been installed in accordance with the instructions provided by either the local dealer or by Sunsetter Awning. If you have not followed the instructions on care and maintenance your five year limited warranty may not be valid

Step 2

Assure that your payments are current on your installment plan for the Sunsetter Awning you have purchased. They will not honor a warranty on a product if the payments have not been made in accordance with the agreement that you signed when purchasing the awning

Step 3

Contact for replacement parts. You will need to know the part number, and may have to provide sunsetter with a picture of the damaged piece

Step 4

Contact Sunsetter Awning at 1-800-876-2340 if you do not have access to a computer. The technicians will be able to assist you in obtaining replacement parts. If the part is not under warranty then there will be a charge for the items

Step 5

Assure that you have complied with all the instructions contained within your owners manual. If the canvas has torn and is no longer under warranty there are a number of awning dealers located on the internet that can provide you with a replacement canvas. Google awning replacements and have your measurements ready when speaking with a representative