How to Close the Blinds With String

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String blinds are fantastic and easy to use if you know how they work.
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There are a wide variety of different types of blinds available to use to cover the windows in your home. Some blinds are closed by simply pulling on them, while others have rods to twist or strings to pull. Blinds with string are somewhat simple, but they require a very specific technique to close them properly and evenly. Pulling on the strings a certain way will enable you easily and smoothly close the blinds at will without having to wrestle them to keep them from going lopsided or opening even further.


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Step 1

Gather both of the strings from the blinds in one hand.

Step 2

Pull the strings diagonally to the left until the blinds rise slightly.

Step 3

Loosen your grip on the string so that the blinds slide downward, making sure to hold the left-diagonal angle of the string the entire time.