How to Make a Canopy Bed Without Drilling Into the Ceiling

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Make your own canopy with items from a hobby store.
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Canopy beds can be very costly, but they look romantic, elegant and beautiful. If you don't want to do permanent damage to your ceiling, and can't afford an actual canopy bed, create the look of a canopy without drilling any holes or spending too much cash. You don't even have to pick up a needle and thread to make a simple canopy for your bedroom.


Step 1

Pull a lightweight fabric, such as mosquito netting or tulle, through an embroidery hoop. The hoop unscrews, which will allow you to install the fabric inside the hoop, pull it evenly and screw the hoop back together. The fabric can be as long as you desire, depending on how you want the canopy to drape over the bed.

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Step 2

Secure a self-adhesive hook to the ceiling firmly, above the head of the bed. Make sure the hook is centered. The adhesive on the hook will have to bond to the ceiling, so give it an hour before you hang the canopy from the hook.


Step 3

Tie two long ribbons or pieces of string to each side of the embroidery hoop. Tie the ends of the ribbons to the self-adhesive hook to hang the canopy. If the hold doesn't seem strong enough, apply some Sticky Tack to the adhesive part of the hook to give it some extra holding power.



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