How to Make a Ceiling Canopy

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Sheets or gauze draped from the ceiling can add a beautiful touch to a bedroom. This canopy effect is also perfect for creating a charming reading nook or children's play tent. Making your own with sheer curtains or your chosen fabric is simple and will save money compared to purchasing a play tent or canopy bed. And you'll never want to leave it.


How to Make a Ceiling Canopy
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Canopy Bed

Adding a ceiling canopy around your bed brings romance and character to your room, and it's easy to do. Measure the width and length of the bed, adding around 4 inches for the size of the curtain poles needed. You could purchase one for each side to completely surround the bed, or buy three and keep the foot of the bed open. Attach them to the ceiling using the fixings or with two-hole pipe straps that loop over each end of the poles. You can fix these to the ceiling with screws.


The curtain panels should be roughly double the size of the poles for a lovely full look. Attach to the poles with curtain clip rings, and add tiebacks to the side panels for when you're not dozing.

Over the Top

For a more open look that still looks lovely and will freshen a bedroom, create a canopy that drapes above and at the head of your bed. Use two curtain poles slightly wider than the bed. Attach one to the wall above the top of the bed and the other to the ceiling, as close to the foot of the bed as you like.


You can use any fabric, though something sheer and soft will drape better and create a prettier effect. It will need to be around twice as wide as the bed for a pleated effect, and twice as long to billow nicely from the ceiling.

Attach the fabric to the pole toward the end of the bed using safety pins and simply tuck under the back pole, so it drapes toward the floor. Use more safety pins at this end if it isn't hanging well.

Reading Nook

What could be lovelier than curling up in a cozy spot with a good book? Having your own little hideaway complete with cushions and drapes is even better. Make this beautiful space with a pair of shower curtains. You can use any type, but obviously, a luxurious fabric will make a much nicer nook than sheer plastic decorated with ducks.


Drill four evenly-spaced holes through a plastic hula hoop and thread a piece of nylon rope through each hole. Each piece of rope needs to be long enough to loop through the holes and hang low enough from the ceiling that the curtains drape beautifully on the floor.

Gather the curtains together on a single, sturdy binder ring, then pull all eight ends of the rope through the ring. Secure the rope together in a knot, creating a long tail that you can attach to the ceiling.

Install a ceiling hook, make a loop at the top of the ropes, and simply hook on. Secure the curtains together at the top with Velcro. Cushions, throws and blankets will complete this cozy little nook. It will make a cute little den or play tent, too.



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