Tips for Hanging Masks on a Wall

Masks make interesting display items when hung individually or as a collection on the wall. Many cultures from all over the world produce masks in a variety of artistic forms that can work with many decor themes. The best method for hanging masks on a wall depends on the mask's weight and construction methods. Some masks have holes in the sides for attaching a ribbon or cord for hanging or wearing. If you do not want to put holes in a mask, you can make a simple hanger from wire.


Cord Method

Lay out your collection of masks on the floor, positioning them in different ways until you come up with an arrangement that you like. Snap a picture with your cell phone to help you remember the layout as you hang them. Skip to Step 2 if you are only hanging one or two masks.

Hold a single mask against the wall and have a partner stand back and eye its best placement in relation to the wall size and other decor. Make two light pencil marks on the wall through the outer edge of each eye hole.

Install your hanging hardware of choice at the outer edge of each pencil mark or slightly less than the distance between each cord hole on the mask. Tap in long roofing nails at the outer edge of each pencil mark with a hammer a little more than half the nail's length as one hanging option. Or you can drill pilot holes at the outer edge of each pencil mark for the wall anchor and threaded C-hook hardware. After drilling the hole in the wall, lightly tap each anchor into the hole with a hammer. Thread the C-hook into the wall anchor. Use a level to ensure the hooks or nails are installed straight across from each other so the mask will hang straight.

Tie a small, equal length of cord on each side hole unless the mask already has cord attached. Tie the cords taut together in the back of the mask, without distorting the mask's shape if it's a flexible material.

Hang the cord on the adhesive hooks, nails or C-hooks, making adjustments as necessary until the mask is hanging straight. Use equal spacing between multiple masks. For masks without cords, you can also hang the mask directly on the nails by inserting the mask onto the nails through the mask's eyes.

Wire Method

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 from the previous section to determine placement for your mask or masks. Hammer a nail into the wall slightly above and in the center of your two pencil marks. Untwist the wire hanger and use the wire cutters to cut the hanger into nine inch lengths for each mask.

Find the center of the cut wire. Bend the wire around itself to form a small loop. Bend each end of the wire outward, a little less than 90 degrees, so that each side measures about 3 inches long and fits through each eye hole in the mask. Adjust the length if 9 inches doesn't work well for your masks.

Dip the ends of the wire into the plastic dip, slowly, at a rate of about 5 seconds per inch, going the length of each arm. Pull the wire out of the dip at the same rate.

Allow the plastic to dry for about four hours. Hang the wire loop over the nail. Insert the mask onto the wire arms through the eye holes. Bend the wire hanger as necessary until the mask hangs the way you want it to.