How to Attach a Dry Erase Board to a Refrigerator

If the sides or front of your fridge are magnetic, adhere magnets to the back of a dry erase board for a removable, writable surface. Otherwise, purchase a board designed to stick to most smooth surfaces, or add a removable double-sided adhesive to the back of the board.

Magnetic Attraction

Use any magnet you have on hand to test whether the refrigerator's exterior is magnetic. Even if the front of the fridge is stainless steel and won't hold a magnet, its sides may be magnetic. Magnets give you the best solution for the refrigerator dry-erase board, because they won't leave behind any residue when you wish to remove the board.

Adding Magnets

  • Attach peel-and stick magnetic strips along the back of a lightweight dry erase board. Add the strips along the top, bottom and sides; if the board is large enough to bow in the middle, add a strip or two along the middle of the back as well.
  • For a board that's thick or has a bit of weight to it -- heavier than a piece of cardboard of similar size -- use stronger magnets such as neodymium discs. Wipe the magnets and back of the board clean with rubbing alcohol, and then scuff up the magnet surface you wish to glue, using sandpaper. Wipe it off with a soft cloth, and use a craft epoxy or "super" style glue to adhere one magnet to each corner on the back of the board. If the dry erase board has a plastic backing, use a plastic-bonding epoxy.

Removable Adhesives

If magnets aren't an option for your fridge, choose a removable double-sided adhesive, such as poster tape or wall-mounting tabs designed for signs, posters and artwork. Some adhesives are thin like tape, while others are thicker foam strips; in either case, the product is designed to be easily removed and cleaned up without leaving a residue behind, as long as the packaging states the adhesive is removable.

Removable Tab-Based Adhesives

Some stick-on adhesives and adhesive hooks feature a stretchy tab for simple, mess-free removal. If the dry-erase board has holes in the top, you can use adhesive hooks to hang it from the side of the fridge; otherwise use tab-based adhesive strips along the back as you would a double-sided tape. Check the adhesive strip packaging before purchase to ensure the strips can handle the weight of your dry erase board, or purchase a lightweight board if yours seems too heavy to stay put on the refrigerator with removable adhesive.