How to Make Contact Paper Stick to Particle Board

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Use fingernail polish to remove excess contact cement.

Use wooden dowel rods to keep the cemented particle board and contact paper separated while aligning the two, removing them one by one as you make the bond.

Nonadhesive contact paper can be used since the self-adhesive paper often does not stick to particle board on its own, requiring a separate bonding agent.

Select contact paper that matches the room or area.
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Contact paper can visually transform ordinary particle board into all kinds of lavish finishes, from marble to textured hardwood. It also makes an excellent surface inside kitchen cabinets or anywhere surfaces need to be clean and simple to wipe down, as well as give a second life to items made from particle board. The only downside (if there really is one) is attaching contact paper to particle board can be difficult, because it doesn't always want to stick. To force the bond, invest in a bonding solution.


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Step 1

Sand the area of the particle board you wish to cover with contact paper. Sand off any existing varnish or residual laminate from before. Sanding the surface promotes adhesion between the board and the contact paper.

Step 2

Clean the sanded area. Either wipe it clean or blow it clean with a hair dryer or high-pressure blower. Attempt to remove all of the shavings from sanding so you have a smooth, clean surface.


Step 3

Paint, roll or spray a bonding agent on the particle board to obtain an even coat. For best results, use a contact cement. Contact cement is brushed onto both surfaces that will be bonded: the particle board and the back of the contact paper.

Step 4

Allow the contact cement to dry on each piece following the directions provided by the contact cement manufacturer. Generally when the contact cement is dry to the touch, it is ready.


Step 5

Align the contact paper with the particle board. Line it up precisely before placing it on the particle board, as it immediately begins bonding. Use a squeegee or damp roller to apply the contact paper smoothly. If any bubbles do occur, use a push pin to let out the air.