Can I Glue Metal Drawer Pulls to Wood?

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Working drawer pulls must be securely attached, especially to heavy drawers.

For artistic embellishment, many adhesives may be effectively used to glue metal drawer pulls to a wooden structure or plank. For functional use, however, drawer pulls are typically installed with screws. Because drawer pulls must typically endure both vertical and lateral stress, glue alone will not effectively hold a functioning drawer pull in place.



Two-part epoxy is recommended to create a strong bond between rigid structures, such as metal and wood. Epoxy adhesive is typically available as a resin and hardener that are mixed, just prior to use. Professional-use one-part epoxy is premixed and uses heat as the catalyst for a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. Once cured, epoxy provides a strong, rigid bond.


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Gluing the Drawer Pull

For a strong bond between the wood and the drawer pull, both surfaces must be clean. Steel wool is often used to thoroughly remove debris. The epoxy resin and hardener are mixed in a prescribed ratio, according to the manufacturer's instructions. The mixed epoxy is applied to the metal drawer pull. The adjoining surfaces of the pull and the wood are aligned and then clamped in place. The clamp should remain in place, undisturbed, until the epoxy has set.



While epoxy forms a strong bond, it may not be strong enough to withstand the force needed to open a drawer that is full of especially heavy contents. Shearing vertical or lateral forces may cause the drawer pull to come off the wood. If the pull is glued to a drawer that is difficult to open, lateral pulling force may cause the pull to come off. Functional drawer pulls must be securely screwed or bolted to the wooden surfaces.


Secure Installation (front)

Metal drawer pull kits typically include installation screws. If the pull is to be installed with screws through the front of the wooden panel, pilot holes are first drilled into the wood. The pull is positioned on the panel with the screw holes aligned with the pilot holes. Screws attach the pull to the panel, through the screw holes on the drawer pull.


Secure Installation ((back)

Many popular styles of metal drawer pulls do not have visible installation hardware. Installation involves drilling a pilot hole through the drawer or cabinet face panel, inserting a screw through the hole in the back and positioning the threaded hole of the pull onto the screw. The screw is then tightened.



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