What Colors Go With Giallo Ornamental Granite?

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Make sure to clean your granite countertop daily so that it stays in good shape.
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If you are looking to upgrade your countertops or simply prefer a high-end granite, then Giallo ornamental granite is an ideal choice for many reasons. The range of creamy to gray base colors and specks of toffee to near-black make Giallo a good choice for any color scheme.


Wipe down the high-end Giallo granite daily to keep its protective sealant in good shape.

Facts About Giallo Granite

The Giallo ornamental granite is slightly more expensive than other natural stone options at generally $50 or more per square foot to be installed. It is a level 3 granite, meaning it is one of the finest in quality due to its rarity and source, according to East Coast Granite & Tile. Giallo ornamental granite is sometimes referred to as Amarello Ornamental or Giallo Santo. It has an average thickness of ¾ of an inch or more.

Giallo Granite Colors

The bright and beautiful countertop is favored for its creamy golden appearance with flecks of darker shades of grays, blacks and browns among other neutral colors. The ornamental granite slab is quarried from Brazil and is known for its medium variation. The base Giallo beige, honey, brown, white and light gray colors can provide a beautiful backdrop for any appliance color you may have or prefer.

Darker cabinets can make a bold backdrop for the creamy expanse of Giallo ornamental natural stone. Lighter cabinets will highlight the mineral flecks in the gorgeous granite slab. The veins that run through Giallo are faint. Yellow or natural wood cabinets can pop against a darker slab while black, dark blue or emerald green can showcase the lighter toned granite slabs.

There are dark and light versions of Giallo granite. The dark Giallo ornamental granite is composed of white bedrock with deep brown specks and flecks that can appear almost black. The lighter version of Giallo granite is the creamier base with lighter brown specks sprinkled throughout the natural stone slab.

Maintaining Giallo Ornamental Granite

While Giallo granite is prized for its beauty, it is also known for its durability. It is resistant to stains and scratches that can happen in a kitchen with a lot of activity. It can also obscure the crumbs, fingerprints and dust that tend to gather on countertops.

Wiping the high-end countertops daily will keep them looking good if they are properly sealed annually, according to Flemington Granite. Use a little warm water and mild dish washing liquid to clean them if they have saucy spills or are truly dirty. Wick away moisture with a dry, clean cloth.

Sealing Giallo Granite

A properly sealed slab of Giallo granite will keep its colors shining and be able to pass the water test. This test shouldn't damage the granite. Drip some water onto the surface of the granite countertop and allow it to sit. If the puddle of water darkens the natural stone quickly then the slab needs to be resealed with multiple coats.

If the puddle of water doesn't darken the surface of the granite countertop until it has sat on the stone for a few minutes, such as 5 minutes, then it may be in need of a few coats of sealant to ensure that it can stand up to the moisture and oil that may come in contact with the surface. Anything over 10 minutes means that the granite can probably use one coat of sealant for a more protective surface. Water that beads and doesn't penetrate the surface of the granite means that the stone is perfectly sealed and doesn't need to be re-sealed.


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