What Colors Go With Giallo Ornamental Granite?

Giallo ornamental granite, also known as Giallo Santo, seems like a fancy name for a stone that looks somewhat like a bowl of oatmeal, but this Brazilian-born beauty features specks of peppercorn brown, gold and oat with hints of either green or yellow.

Inciting pangs of hunger, it's the perfect slab for kitchen counters, and it lights up the surfaces in laundry, bath and mud rooms. Subtle veining creates a passive visual, while closer inspection reveals intricate mineral deposits in a field of tones ranging from white to light gray.

For the Small Kitchen

Giallo ornamental is the ideal countertop selection to add dimension in a small kitchen.

A Suggested Palette

Slab Color Choose a slab with a large field of white, pink or salmon, peppered with dull black specks and veining.

Cabinetry and Appliances Cocoa-powder cabinetry with stainless steel hardware, a sink and faucet and stainless appliances unite the elements in a smooth visual.

Backsplash Use the same granite on the backsplash or contrast it with a matching tumbled marble tile backsplash, set on the horizontal and inset with occasional stainless or pewter mosaic tiles.

Flooring Distressed cream hardwood flooring keeps the room bright.

For a Cook's Kitchen

A large field of Giallo ornamental granite as a countertop, uncluttered but surrounded with the tools and utensils necessary for good food preparation, is a cook's delight.

A Suggested Palette

Slab Color Keep the room looking spotless with cabinetry matching the field, whether it's ecru, bisque or a simple cream.

Cabinetry and Appliances Add interest with cabinet hardware matching the deep brown veining and mineral deposits, and a dramatic, deep, apron-fronted sink in either enamel or fire clay. If the field is a crisp white, consider white appliances and kitchen hardware, but if you see a touch of gray, use stainless steel appliances.

Backsplash Continue the granite into the backsplash.

Flooring Opt for a cool stone gray porcelain tile floor.

A Warm Hue Palette

Slab Color A slab of Giallo ornamental granite featuring a background of warm, honey tones opens up the decorating options.

Cabinetry and Appliances Consider a cabinet stain that reflects the honey, blending with the granite. Add brushed bronze cabinet hardware. If the specks in the slab are deep peppercorn, consider using black appliances; otherwise, install stainless steel.

Backsplash A backsplash featuring copper-toned insets.

Wall Color Walls painted marigold add a glow to the room and accents in Provencal blue or lavender create interest.

Flooring Warm honey tones are continued underfoot, creating a visual that continues down to the honey-stained wood floors. Porcelain tiles in a similar hue or tiles that appear to be wood also complement the granite.

A Stark Modern Palette

Slab Color Grey-toned Giallo ornamental granite with black veining invites a modern interpretation to the room.

Cabinetry and Appliances Black lacquer cabinetry is dynamic, Stay with the steel and gray with a stainless faucet, sink and appliances.

Backsplash A stainless steel backsplash continues the theme.

Flooring A gray or black distressed wood floor adds texture.