How to Repair Resin Garden Art

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While resin statues and figurines are attractive additions to any garden or landscaped area, they are easily broken. If one of your favorite outdoor resin statues is damaged, don't purchase a replacement. Most resin statues can be quickly and easily repaired at minimal cost. The process of repairing a resin statue is simple; you should be able to complete all but the largest repairs in less than an hour.


Resin Statue Repair

Step 1

Sand exposed or broken surfaces of the resin statue with fine grit sandpaper. Wipe away excess resin dust with a coffee filter. Exposed surfaces should be smooth and free of dust and dirt. A clean surface allows the glue or epoxy to properly adhere to the resin.


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Step 2

Use cyanoacrylate super glue to bond small, non-weight-bearing breaks. Apply a thin line of glue to exposed surfaces, and hold broken pieces together for 30 to 45 seconds. Lightly sand excess glue to create a smooth bonding surface. Wipe away dust with a coffee filter before painting the repaired area.

Step 3

For larger breaks, drill a small hole in both surfaces, and insert a piece of spring music wire for added strength and support. Spring music wire is available in hobby shops and craft stores.


Step 4

Resin epoxy is required for larger breaks, and breaks in areas that bear significant weight. Resin epoxy comes in a two-part kit, so you will simply mix a small amount, apply the epoxy to the broken surfaces, and join together. Use rubber bands or painter's tape to hold broken pieces in place until the epoxy is dry.

Step 5

Use water-based caulk to fill holes caused by rocks and debris thrown from a lawn mower. Water-based caulk is paintable and easy to mold. It will expand and contract with changing temperatures, which will help prevent further breakage. Use a plastic knife to shape the caulk.



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