How to Remove Wrinkles From a Framed Print

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Things You'll Need

  • Sheet

  • Tablecloth

  • Towel

  • Iron

  • Water

  • Paper

  • Weight

Whether from folding or rolling, wrinkles in paper prints distract from the visual effect of any piece. It is difficult to completely eliminate any trace of a wrinkle from a print but a lot can be done to decrease the appearance. A little heat and patience can go a long way to restoring your favorite work of art.


Step 1

Begin by removing the print from the frame by sliding the back tabs to release the back board. Lift off the back board and carefully retrieve the print. Be sure to keep any hardware and backing material together for reframing.

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Step 2

Place the print image side down on a flat clean surface on top of a cotton sheet or tablecloth. It is better to use a wooden or nonporous, nonplastic surface to guard against melting accidents. Be sure the fabric contains no wrinkles.


Step 3

Carefully lay a folded cotton sheet or a thin clean bath towel on top of the print. Smooth out any wrinkles in the towel and make sure it covers the back side of the print completely.

Step 4

Fill an iron with water and turn it to the steam setting. Using the steam setting will reduce the chance of burning the paper of the print. Do not use the iron until steam is visibly rising from it. This ensures sufficient moisture for the task.


Step 5

Lightly and evenly iron along the back of the towel. Take your time and allow the steam to penetrate the cloth and transfer onto the back of the print. Press a little heavier in the location of any known wrinkles to ensure full steam penetration.

Step 6

Lift the towel and check the look of the wrinkle. You may need to use the steam method several times before you almost eliminate the wrinkle. It is practically impossible to completely eradicate the wrinkle but it can be flattened out so as not to detract from the rest of the print. It is better to iron for a few seconds at a time to prevent burning or oversaturation.


Step 7

Remove the towel and allow the print to cool off before lifting off the flat surface and returning to the frame.

Step 8

Sponge a piece of plain copy paper with water and use this as an alternative the towel and iron method. Place the wet paper against the back of the print and weigh down with a flat heavy item. Do not allow the paper to dry completely on the back of the print as it may cause tearing.