How to Reset the Sequence for a Maytag MAH5500BWW

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The Maytag Neptune Series MAG5500BWW washing machine is a front-loading residential clothes washer. The Maytag Neptune has several available settings, depending on the type of fabrics being washed and the soil level of the items. The wash sequence depends heavily on these settings, as some potions of the wash sequence may damage clothes such as those labeled "Delicate" or "Hand-wash only." If you have accidentally chosen the wrong wash sequence, the Maytag Neptune can be easily reset and a new sequence or cycle can be chosen.

Step 1

Locate the "Off" button, located to the right of the Neptune's "Start/Pause" button.

Step 2

Press the "Off" button within the first 30-seconds of beginning the cycle to cancel the current cycle. The Maytag Neptune Series MAG5500BWW has a built-in 30-second delay that allows you to make any changes to the cycle, should you choose to. The cycle can still be canceled if it has already started; however, you may need to allow the washer to drain.

Step 3

Allow the washing machine to drain if you press the "Off" button while there is water in the tub.

Step 4

Select your new setting once the washer drains, then press the "Start" button to begin the new wash sequence.


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