How to Install a Dryer Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer

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The heating element in a Samsung clothes dryer heats up the air as the dryer pulls the air from the outside and into the dryer drum. The heating element is a large set of coils located inside a metal housing. To remove and replace the heating element, you must disassemble the Samsung dryer. Although the process involves many steps, it is relatively straightforward and can be completed by the average do-it-yourselfer.


Step 1

Slide the Samsung dryer away from the wall. Disconnect the power cord and then disconnect the dryer vent by loosening the band clamp on the vent hose with a screwdriver.

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Step 2

Remove the two screws located on the back of the top cover with a screwdriver. Slide the top cover off the dryer and place it off to the side.


Step 3

Remove the top cover from the control panel, remove the two guide screws with a screwdriver and then pull the six clips from the guide panel. Disconnect the two wires connecting the panel to the dryer, remove the front knob from the panel and then place the panel off to the side.

Step 4

Open the front door to the dryer and remove the filter. Place the filter off to the side. Remove the two screws in the front of the dryer panel. Remove the four screws from the front plate and panel. Lift up on the front panel and set it off to the side.


Step 5

Remove the six heater terminals from the heating element. All of the terminals have different connectors so you cannot plug them back in incorrectly.

Step 6

Remove the mounting screw from the back of the heating element, pull the element out of the drum and then remove the four screws that hold the thermostat into the element.


Step 7

Secure the thermostat to the new heating element with the four screws.

Step 8

Slide the heating element into the drum and secure it with one screw.

Step 9

Place the front plate back onto the dryer and secure the plate to the panel and to the drum with the screws.


Step 10

Reconnect the control unit's electrical cables, snap the control unit back into place with the clips. Secure the unit with the fasteners and slide the knob back into place.

Step 11

Place the top cover onto the dryer and secure it with the two screws.

Step 12

Reconnect the dryer vent and plug the dryer back in. Slide the dryer back against the wall.



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