How to Disassemble an Amana Dryer

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Many repairs to the Amana dryer require you to completely disassemble the dryer in order to gain access to the various components. Disassembling your dryer is a relatively simple task that anyone can do with a little practice. The key when disassembling the dryer is to set all the pieces in a line in reverse order from how you disassembled them for easy reassembly.

Step 1

Unplug the dryer from the electrical outlet.


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Step 2

Slide a putty knife under the top panel of the dryer to release the clamp. Most dryers have two clamps, one at each side that must be released.

Step 3

Slowly open the top panel and secure it with a piece of rope to prevent it from falling shut.

Step 4

Unplug the door switch wires. The wires are located at the front of the dryer and will be connected into the door. Some Amana models have a large bunch of wires instead, known as a wire harness. This can be pulled apart at the plastic junction by hand.


Step 5

Remove the front panel mounting screws with a screwdriver. The screws will be on the inside of the front panel, slightly down from the top. There is usually one on each side. Be sure to pull out the screw so that you don't drop them inside the dryer casing.

Step 6

Pull the panel up and then outward to remove. The panel is heavy, so lift with care.


Step 7

Move the dryer out so that you have access to the back. Unscrew the back panel and remove it.

Step 8

Look inside and located the dryer belt. Gently slide the pulley to loosen the belt and then release the belt completely.

Step 9

Pull the drum up and out of the dryer gently. The dryer is now disassembled and you'll have access to everything.


Step 10

Vacuum out the dryer to remove any lint and dust buildup before reassembling. Also, inspect the belt for any cracks and wear. It's worth the extra time and effort to check everything now instead of putting everything back together only to need another repair.



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