My Frigidaire Affinity Has a Pause Error

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The Frigidaire Affinity washing machine may display an error code on the display panel if something goes wrong during operation. One of these is a "PAU" error code, which means that there was a problem that caused the washer to pause. Figuring out what is causing the PAU error code and solving the problem will usually get your washer working again.


PAU Error

The PAU, or pause, error usually means that the washing machine cycle was interrupted and was not restarted properly. If you try to modify the cycle or start a new one before the first cycle is complete, the PAU error will appear on the display. If the washer was stopped midcycle and not restarted, the cycle must be canceled or completed before a new selection can be made. Push "Start/Pause" to allow the current cycle to finish before making a new selection, or push "Cancel" to stop the current cycle.

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Add Laundry

The PAU error code might also appear if the washer was stopped to add a garment to the cycle and "Start" was pressed but the door was not fully closed. The Affinity washing machine will not operate if the door is open, so close the door firmly and press "Start" again to remove the "PAU" error code and restart the washing machine.


Temperature Change

Once the washing machine starts a new cycle, the temperature for that cycle cannot be changed midcycle. If you press the cycle modifier buttons once a cycle has started, the washer will beep. To change the current temperature, push "Pause" and wait for the PAU code to appear on the display. Make the temperature changes or other modifications, then push "Start" to begin.

System Clean

The Affinity washing machine has a "System Clean" cycle to clean out the washing machine tub if there is a residue or odor in the washer. If the System Clean cycle is interrupted or canceled, the PAU error will appear on the display while the washing machine automatically moves through two more rinse cycles to remove any excess bleach from the tub. The door will not unlock until these automatic rinse cycles have been completed. Do not try to open the door during this time.



If the PAU error does not clear after properly restarting the washing machine cycle, push "Cancel," then disconnect the power cord. Wait a few minutes and restore power to see if the error code goes away. If not, the control board may need to be replaced, and you should contact Frigidaire for service.



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