Instructions for LG Steam Dryer

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LG steam dryers are machines that use steam to reduce wrinkles, soften clothes while sanitizing and eliminating stubborn odors. LG steam dryers are a big investment so you will want to familiarize yourself with the various features and capabilities to obtain the maximum benefits from your dryer.


Basic Use

When you turn on your LG steam dryer, the lights around the cycle selector control will illuminate. You may then select the desired cycle. The machine automatically sets at a preset temperature, dry time and level varying depending upon the cycle you chose. For example, if you select a permanent press cycle the machine automatically sets at 40 minutes, medium high temperature level. To adjust any of the settings for that cycle, simply press the options button to display additional options for that setting. Press the option button again until the desired option is highlighted. You may notice that all options are not available for adjustment with every cycle. This is feature is in place to prevent damage to your clothing. You may select additional options to complement your cycle, such as reduce static, easy iron, wrinkle care or antibacterial. Once you have customized your cycle, press start to begin the cycle and you will notice that the display will change to an estimated dry time or it will display your preselected dry time remaining. The dryer has an energy save feature so that once it has stopped drying for more than eight minutes the entire unit will entirely shut off. If you selected the wrinkle care option then the dryer will periodically tumble the load for up to three hours. With steam dryers it is highly recommended that you change the lint filter after each cycle.


Special Functions

Your LG steam dryer has a number of special features that you will want to become familiar with. Your dryer features a child lock, damp dry alert and adjustable language setting. You can also customize your most frequently used program and save it for recall with the touch of a button. Once you find adjust your setting hold the custom program button to for three seconds and the machine will record your setting. There are a myriad steam functions and settings that will give you cleaner, wrinkle free clothing. Use the steam fresh cycle to reduce clothing odors by simply turning the selector knob to the steam fresh setting. You may also add other functions such as easy iron or static reduction. Depending on the size of your load, you will adjust the time by pressing the more time, less time buttons. Simply press start for a patented steam fresh cycle. You may also add steam to any standard cycle by pressing the steam button under the options selections. Do not use the steam option for materials such as wool, blankets or silk.


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