How to Remove the Top Cover of a Washing Machine

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While details may vary according to the make and model of your washing machine, most brands make removing the top cover of a washing machine a relatively straightforward process. Make certain that you keep all screws together and in a safe place, as this will make reassembly easier when the time comes. Don't be surprised if the top of your machine is slightly difficult to remove the first time you try to lift it up.


Step 1

Unplug the machine. If there is a fault with any aspect of your washing machine and you are going to get inside the machine, then there is no reason to risk the possibility of an electrical shock. The machine may have to be pulled away from the wall slightly to remove the wall plug.


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Step 2

Open the washing machine door.

Step 3

Look on the inside of the upper lip where the door seals if you are working on a front-loading machine. You should find two Phillips head screws. Remove them and set them aside in a safe place.


Step 4

Lift up the door of your top-loading machine. Look on the right side of the door opening where the door would be if it were closed. Here you should find two Phillips screws. Remove them and set them aside in a safe place. On a few models of top-loading machines the two Phillips screws holding the top in place will be on the left side where the door would be when it is closed.


Step 5

Lift up on the front edge of the top of the machine. It may be sticky, but with a little effort the front of the top of the machine should lift up, like a clam shell. Lift it until it stays up by itself or until a small metal pole becomes visible which will hold the top up and out of the way.

Step 6

Lower the top when you are finished and screw the two screws back in place. Close the washer door.