How to Clean the Drain Pump on a Frigidaire Affinity

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Flat screwdriver

  • 2-by-4-inch wood

  • Clamp

  • Clean cloth(s)


If you are not comfortable with disassmebling the Frigidaire washing machine or any of the washer components, do not attempt this task. Contact a professional for help.

The drain pump on a Frigidaire Affinity washing machine is responsible for helping the water drain out of the washing machine during the wash cycle. However, if the drain pump becomes clogged with items that fall out of pockets such as coins, keys, hair accessories or other small objects, the water may not drain well or at all. Accessing and cleaning the drain may require some assistance.

Removing the Front Panel

Step 1

Disconnect power to the Frigidaire Affinity washing machine.

Step 2

Lift the front of the washing machine and prop it up with a 2-by-4-inch block of wood in the center front of the washer.

Step 3

Remove the two screws on the bottom of the front panel under the washing machine.

Step 4

Pull down on the panel to remove the panel from the washer.

Accessing and Cleaning the Drain Pump

Step 1

Find the drain pump near the bottom right of the washing machine and set towels underneath the pump.

Step 2

Disconnect the inlet sump, which looks like a white dial, from the pump and disconnect the outlet hose from the pump.

Step 3

Take out the two screws that hold the pump housing to the bottom of the washing machine and unplug the wires from the motor.

Step 4

Release the tab on the drain pump valve in the pump outlet and pull back on the valve shield. Use a flat screwdriver to release the tab on each side of the motor and remove the four screws that hold the drain pump on the housing.

Step 5

Remove the clamp on the bottom front of the drain pump and pull down on the coin trap to access the area of the drain pump that typically becomes clogged. Wipe the drain pump filter clean of any residue, debris or foreign objects.


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