F24 Error Code on My Kenmore Washer

Kenmore washing machines have several high-tech features, such as a stain treatment option, reduced energy and water use, hidden agitator, sanitizing option, allergy removing cycles, Energy Star rating and steam cleaning. Many Kenmore washers also have an electronic control panel that notifies users of current cycle status. Error codes may appear if there is an issue with the washer operation, such as the error code F24, which has a few possible causes.

Water Temperature Sensor

The "F24" error code typically indicates an issue with the water temperature sensor. This sensor monitors the temperature of the water to ensure it is accurate for the chosen wash cycle and fabric selection. It also will turn off the washing machine automatically if the temperature reaches dangerous levels due to a fault or other problem.


If an F24 error code appears on the Kenmore washer display panel, press "Pause/Cancel" twice. Reselect a new wash cycle plus any desired modifiers and press "Start." If the F24 error code returns, press "Pause/Cancel" twice to cancel the cycle. Disconnect power and wait 30 minutes before restoring power to the washing machine. This reset procedure may be all that is needed to clear the error code.


The water temperature sensor can be tested to determine if it is the issue if the F24 error returns after resetting the washer. Disconnect the power to the Kenmore washing machine and remove the back panel on the unit. Unplug the wire harness that is connected to the sensor and use a volt or ohm meter to check the resistance. Ohm meters and volt meters can be purchased at most hardware stores. If the sensor does demonstrate resistance, it will need to be replaced. Note that while some skilled homeowners can perform this test, it may be best left to a service technician.

Other Possible Issues

Other possible sources of this error code include a problem with the water filling the machine. Check and clean the water inlet hose to remove potential obstructions and make sure the water faucets are open fully. A failed control board or harness connection issue also can cause an F24 error, and will require professional attention.