F24 Error Code on My Kenmore Washer

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Many Kenmore washers come equipped with an electronic control panel that will notify you of the machine's status, as well as indicate any existing problems with its operation or performance. Error codes are assigned for the most common problems, such as error code F24. This code generally indicates an issue with the water temperature sensor but could also result from other causes.

F24 Error Code on My Kenmore Washer
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Possible Causes of the F24 Error Code in Kenmore Washers

Error code F24 generally means that a problem has been detected with the water temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor is designed to measure the water's temperature, making sure the temperature falls within acceptable parameters for the selected wash cycle and fabric selections. The sensor is also capable of shutting down the machine automatically when faulty wiring or other factors cause dangerous overheating of the water.

Another possible problem that can cause the F24 error code to display is the tubing that allows the water to flow into and fill the machine's tub. If there is an obstruction there, or some other problem exists in this system, the machine can read this as a temperature sensor problem and display the F24 code.

To rectify water flow issues, first disconnect the machine from its power supply. Visually inspect the water inlet hose, then clean it out to remove any present obstructions. Make sure your water faucets are open fully to allow the free flow of water into the machine.

Finally, a failed control board or harness connection issue can trigger an F24 error in some case. You will probably need the assistance of a professional certified service technician to remedy these issues.

What to Do in the Event of the F24 Code

When the F24 error code displays initially, first try pressing the "Pause/Cancel" button twice. Next, select a new wash cycle and press "Start."

If the machine displays the F24 error code once more, press "Pause/Cancel" twice to cancel the cycle. Unplug the machine from its power supply, then wait half an hour. Plug the machine back in and see if the code has cleared.

In many cases, this "reset" procedure is all that's required to clear the error code. If the code does not clear, however, you can proceed to test the temperature sensor itself with an Ohm meter. If the meter indicates resistance, the sensor may need to be replaced. Although experienced homeowners may be fully equipped to perform this test, it may be preferable to let the professionals handle this procedure.

Replacing the Water Temperature Sensor

If you're relatively confident the issue is your water temperature sensor, you can replace the sensor itself to remedy the problem. The sensor can be found near the center bottom area in front of your machine's tub.

First, disconnect the machine from its power source. Also, turn off the water supply to the washer.

Next, access the sensor by removing the lower front access panel, which is a fairly simple task. Loosen and remove the two screws on the bottom of the panel, then pull the panel off with a downward motion. Once you gain access to this area, you may find that a wire has gotten loose or been removed from the sensor. You can try resecuring the wire.

However, if the sensor itself is malfunctioning, you can replace the sensor. First, remove the wire connector running to the temperature sensor. Once you've loosened the nut, you should be able to gently remove the temperature sensor. Replace the part with the new model, reconnect the wire, then reassemble the panel.


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