My Bosch Axxis Washing Machine Door Is Stuck

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The Bosch Axxis washing machine has a safety lock feature that automatically disables the door from opening while the washing cycle is in process to prevent opening the washer and causing water spillage. A manual drain and spin cycle remedies a stuck dryer if the cycle stops and the door remains locked, and forces the washer to complete its cleaning cycle. The washer unlocks once the cycle is finished.


Step 1

Push "Start/Pause" to pause the current cycle.

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Step 2

Turn the cycle selector knob to the left until the dial tab is positioned at "Drain."

Step 3

Push "Start/Pause" to force drain the washer's drum.


Step 4

Turn the knob to "Spin" and press "Start/Pause" to begin the spin cycle.

Step 5

Move the knob to the "Off" position once the spin cycle finishes to unlock the door. If the washer remains locked, unplug the washer from the electrical outlet and open the service door at the bottom left corner on the front of the washer.

Step 6

Insert the blade of the flathead screwdriver into the emergency unlock tab, and pull out the tab to force the washer's door to open.

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