How to Remove Maytag Washer Tubs

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Although the Maytag washer is a reliable appliance, parts do wear out. Most of the parts inside the Maytag washer are accessible by removing the cabinet from the machine. However to get to the tub seal and transmission, it is necessary to remove the tub from the Maytag washer. The Maytag washer wash tubs consist of an inner and outer tub assembly covered by a tub cover.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cord of the Maytag washer from the wall outlet. Remove the two screws on the bottom edge of the front panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pull the bottom of the front panel away from the washer to disengage the clips under the top panel. Move the front panel out of your way. Raise the top panel up and set it back to rest on the service hinges.


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Step 2

Press down on the tub cover and unsnap the plastic clips around the tub cover. You will have to press down above each clip to unsnap each one. Lift the tub cover off of the inner and outer tubs.

Step 3

Turn the agitator to locate and access the bolt that secures the agitator to agitator shaft. The bolt is near the bottom of the agitator on the side. Use a ¼-inch socket wrench to remove the bolt. Grab the bottom of the agitator with both hands and pull the agitator out of the Maytag washer tub.


Step 4

Place a spanner wrench over the nut in the bottom of the washer inner tub. The nut is a left-hand thread so the nut must be turned clockwise to remove it from the washer. Tap the side of the spanner wrench with a mallet to initially loosen the nut and then spin the nut completely off using the spanner wrench.

Step 5

Pull the inner tub out of the Maytag washer. Locate the Torx set screw on the bottom of the mounting stem. Remove the set screw using a Torx wrench. Place the spanner wrench around the mounting stem and remove the mounting stem just as you did with the nut earlier, The mounting stem is a left-hand thread and will be loosened by turning the mounting stem clockwise. Lift the mounting stem out of the outer tub to gain access to the o-ring and boot seal.


Step 6

Use a thin flathead screwdriver to remove the o-ring. Twist the boot seal clockwise to loosen and remove the boot seal. Take care not to grab the boot seal around the carbon ring. Remove the three bolts that secure the outer tub to the tub braces with a wrench. Pull the outer tub out of the Maytag washer.



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