The LG Gas Dryer Error Code for Check Filter

Korean manufacturer LG is a major global producer of electronic equipment and appliances. The company's gas dryers feature advanced electronics to prevent wrinkles and sense when clothes are dry. The electronic display on an LG dryer includes a "Check Filter" warning light. The light is primarily for convenience and does not indicate a major malfunction.

Filter Light Location

The filter light for your LG gas dryer is located on an LED display on the control panel of the dryer. The light reads "Check Filter" or "Chk Filter" when it illuminates. The filter check light is located on different areas of the dryer LED indicator, depending on the model of LG dryer. If you have a problem with the indicator or filter, the light should stay on while the dryer is running.

Purpose of Filter Light

The check filter light on an LG dryer is not an indicator for a clogged or overloaded filter. The light comes on every time the dryer is started, as a reminder to clean out the lint filter. The check filter light is not an error light or error code -- the light is on the dryer control panel as a reminder. The check filter light can be extinguished by pressing the "Start/Pause" button on the control panel.

Cleaning the Lint Filter

The check filter warning light is reminder to clean the dryer's lint filter each time the dryer is used. The filter is a shallow screen basket located in the lower section of the door opening. The filter lifts out in a straight upward pull. The LG owner's manual states the filter can be cleaned by rolling up the lint by hand, using a vacuum on the filter or washing the filter with soap and water.

Dryer Warnings

LG puts the filter reminder light on dryers to remind owners to clean the filter with every use. The owner's manual strongly warns against using the dryer without the lint filter installed. Drying without the filter may cause damage to the dryer. Some models of LG gas dryers also have a duct blockage indicator. This indicator shows whether the air flow through the dryer duct is slow or blocked. Check the duct hose if the duct blockage indicator lights up.