How to Disable the Lid Lock on a Maytag Washer

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The lid lock is a default feature of your Maytag front-loading and top-loading washer to prevent opening the appliance while the cleaning cycle is in progress. Pausing the wash cycle is how it can be disabled. A lock icon appears on the front of the washer's control panel to indicate the lid is locked and also displays the current progress of the cleaning cycle, depending on the model of your Maytag washer. Front-loading washers include a control lock feature that temporarily disables use of the control panel and requires deactivating the lock prior to pausing the cleaning cycle. Once paused, the lid automatically unlocks to allow changes to the current load.


Step 1

Touch "Cycle Signal" near the front-loading washer's LCD control panel to deactivate the washer's lock controls. The lock icon disappears from the LCD control panel when the lock control is off.

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Step 2

Push "Start/Pause" to temporarily halt the washer's current cycle, and wait for the indicator light below "Pause" to light up.


Step 3

Lift open the washer's lid or pull the front-loading washer's door open to retrieve clothing in the washer.

Step 4

Shut the washer's lid or door to securely close it, and push "Start/Pause" to resume the cycle.

Step 5

Press "Cycle Signal" until the lock image appears on the front-loading washer's LCD control panel to reactivate the lock control.

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