How to Remove the Inner Tub on a Top Load Washing Machine

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You may need to remove the tub from your top loading washing machine to replace it or to access other parts of the washing machine. This is a straightforward procedure that you can do yourself with the appropriate tools.

Be clear on which part of the washing machine you need to remove. The basket sits inside the tub and spins, while the tub does not move. Do not remove the tub when you only need to take out the basket.


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Be sure to unplug your top load washing machine and turn off the water supply before beginning.

Removing the Tub of Your Top Load Washing Machine

Step 1

Remove the agitator (the column in the middle of the washing machine tub). Your agitator is topped with either a lid or a softener dispenser. Lift off the lid or softener dispenser, exposing a stud and seal. Using a socket wrench with extension, remove the stud and seal. Lift out the agitator.


Step 2

There is a splash guard resting on the edge of the basket and tub. It looks like a large ring. Remove this splash guard by opening the tabs. The tabs may be metal clips that you'll need to pry off with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Wearing safety goggles and gloves, remove the locknut in the center column of the basket (where the agitator rests) with a hammer and drift punch or spanner wrench. Take care not to strike the basket with the hammer while you are working or you may damage it. Lift the basket straight up.


Step 4

Unclamp and remove the drain hose and water-level air hose from the tub. The drain hose is a thick hose that runs to the side of the tub and attaches to the bottom. The water-level air hose is a thin hose that attaches to the side of the tub.

Step 5

Wearing safety goggles, remove the springs at the bottom of the tub with a locking wrench. Unscrew the spring brackets and the tub from the frame.


Step 6

Lift the metal drive block from the agitator shaft. If you cannot get the metal drive block to move, heat it with a propane torch and tap upward with a hammer. Rock the tub side to side and pull it up.



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