My Frigidaire Stackable Washing Machine Will Not Drain For the Final Spin

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A Frigidaire stackable washing machine may not drain for the final spin if certain conditions are present. Most draining problems that occur with Frigidaire stackable washing machines aren't unique and can happen to most washing machine types and brands. If your washing machine pauses mid-cycle without draining, there are certain things you want to inspect on your washer for possible failure.


Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can limit your Frigidaire stackable washing machine's ability to remove water before advancing to the spin cycle. A small article of clothing, object or soap scum buildup can make the drain impassable. Based on the positioning of the clog, water can trickle out the drain slower than normal or may not exit at all if the drain is obstructed completely. Review the manual that came with your washing machine for clog removal tips. You'll likely need to drain the washer manually of water and empty the wet laundry from inside before you can proceed with unblocking the drain.


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Lingering Soap

A Frigidaire stackable washing machine, like most washing machines, can have problems draining if there are too many suds in the machine and not enough water. A washing machine can detect suds and may extend the drain time by a couple of minutes to alleviate excess suds. If the soap won't drain after the added drain time lapses, the washing machine might enter "Pause" mode and won't transition to final spin, depending upon the specific Frigidaire stackable model you have. On better models that have a digital readout display, the washer might flash an error code signaling the washing machine isn't pumping out quickly enough or it contains too much soap. Press the "Pause Cancel" button to take the washer off of pause and start the cycle from the beginning again without adding more soap.


Door Is Ajar

According to the Frigidaire website, the door on all of its washing machines, including front-loading stackable washing machines, must be closed for a washer to drain and finally spin, as a precautionary measure. A door that is the slightest bit open can prevent the washer from entering the draining cycle. Verify that the door is closed securely. If not, the door should be inspected, and repaired or replaced as needed.


A Dispenser Drawer Is Partly Opened

The dispenser drawers for detergent, fabric softener or bleach in a front-loading Frigidaire stackable washing machine also must be closed, similar to the door, for a washing machine to drain and spin. If the final spin cycle does not start, make sure each drawer is closed securely. Inspect and repair or replace any drawer that is sticking or does not close properly.



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