How to Balance a Front Load Washing Machine

An out-of-balance front-loading washing machine can travel out of its original position due to vibration. Out-of-balance washing machines also generate a lot of noise, rather than running quietly. Leveling a front-loading washing machine is an important step during installation to prevent damage to the washer and create a peaceful washing experience. Outside of noise and vibration, uneven washers may not drain properly or clean clothing sufficiently. Balancing a front-loading washing machine restores quiet, keeps the washer where you left it and extends the washing machine's life.

Level washers run smoothly.

Step 1

Place a level across the top front of the washing machine to check for level. Move the level and position it across the top back of the washer. Turn the level 90-degrees, place it along the top side, and finally place the level on the opposite top side. You will have four readings of levelness; note the readings. If the bubble is not in the center of the level on one or all readings, the washing machine is out of balance.

Step 2

Move the washing machine away from the wall.

Step 3

Tip the front loader back and place a piece of wood under the edge to support the tilted washing machine. Tipping the washer back allows you access to the leveling feet. Leveling feet are threaded pieces of metal with a flat base. The threaded end passes through the washing machine housing, while the flat end rests on the floor.

Step 4

Turn each of the leveling feet that are not level in the appropriate direction to raise or lower the height of the machine.

Step 5

Remove the block of wood and set the front loader flat on the floor. Place the level back onto the front-loading washing machine, using the same method as in the first step. If the bubble is not in the center, adjust the leveling feet again. If the bubble centers, tip the washer back and lock the feet in position with an adjustable wrench. Some front-loading washing machines do not have a locking feature on the leveling feet and only require hand tightening of the feet.

Step 6

Move the front loader back in place and check for level again. If the bubble centers on all four readings, the washing machine is level.