What to Do When Cold Water Is Not Working in a Washing Machine

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Dark clothes are less likely to fade or bleed color when washed in cold water.

Most washing machines are built with two input valves for hot and cold water. Each connects to a supply pipe in the wall of the laundry room. By adjusting the temperate control on the front of the washing machine control panel, you can vary the mix of hot and cold water in the tub to clean different types of clothing more effectively. If the cold water is not working in your machine, try troubleshooting the appliance before calling a repair service.


Step 1

Turn the right-hand water valve on the wall behind the washing machine counter-clockwise to verify the cold water supply is turned on and flowing to the appliance.

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Step 2

Push in the cycle control knob on the washer, dial to any cycle and pull the knob to start the appliance.


Step 3

Dial the water temperature control to "Cold" only and hold your hand under the water flowing into the washer drum to check the temperature. If no water is flowing into the tub, dial the temperature control to "Hot" to determine if the hot water will flow from the wall valve to the appliance. If the drum begins to fill with hot water, you may have a problem with the cold-water supply hose.


Step 4

Shut off the cold-water valve at the wall by turning the knob clockwise.

Step 5

Remove the supply hose from the wall valve using a pair of pliers or wrench to twist the brass coupler on the end of the hose clockwise and remove. Lower the end of the hose into a bucket to drain the water.


Step 6

Unplug the washer power cord. Pull the washer away from the wall and disconnect the cold-water supply hose from the back of the appliance using pliers or a wrench.

Step 7

Brush the screen inside the valve with a small toothbrush dipped in white vinegar. This removes any sediment and mineral deposit build-up on the screen.


Step 8

Place the entire cold-water hose in the kitchen sink and hold one end up to the faucet.

Step 9

Run water through the hose to check for clogs and replace the hose, if necessary.

Step 10

Reattach the cold water hose to the back of the washer and the supply valve on the wall.



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