How to Remove a Stackable Washer & Dryer

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Removing a stackable washer looks more difficult than it actually is.

The washer/dryer combination consists of a dryer that sits on top of a washing machine. This set-up is designed to save space and provide small areas with the ability to have a washing machine and dryer. Once the two pieces are connected, it operates as one distinct unit. If your home has one of these units and you would like to upgrade, you will first have to remove the original one. Removing a washer/dryer combination can be done in about an hour and will reqire a few tools.


Step 1

Pull the stackable unit away from the wall. Turn off the water valves that provide the water to the washer unit. Unscrew the machine hoses from the water valves and remove the drain hose from the drain.

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Step 2

Unplug the power cord of the unit from the wall socket it is attached to. Place the wire on top of the unit to get it out of the way.


Step 3

Tilt the front of the washer/dryer unit and slide the bottom of a dolly underneath. Tilt the dolly and machine toward you and wheel the unit to an open area.

Step 4

Open the washer door. Unscrew the front panel of the washing machine to open up the area between the washer and dryer.


Step 5

Unhook the connections which connect the washing machine to the dryer. There is one connection on either side of the unit. These should just pull apart.

Step 6

Lift the dryer off of the washing machine and place it on the ground. You should now have two separate units.



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