How to Fix a Washer That's Off Track

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Getting your washing machine on track takes only a few minutes.

Sometimes a washing machine will make loud, knocking noises during a spin cycle. This usually means it is out of balance and off track. There are two common reasons for this: Your machine may be out of level, or the load of wash you're doing may be too heavy -- pushing the drum to one side as it spins. Either way, the fix is simple and takes only a few minutes.


Step 1

Check your washer for an unbalanced load. If you are washing something very large or heavy, like a bedspread or quilt, it may have shifted and become unevenly distributed in the drum -- in a way that knocks it off track.

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Step 2

Turn off the machine, and open the door.


Step 3

Remove the clothing or other items from the washer, and redistribute them evenly around the drum -- making sure their weight is redistributed evenly.

Step 4

Close the door, and turn on the machine again. If the rattling continues, repeat Steps 2 and 3 until it stops.


Step 5

Check to see if the machine is level, if the rattling and knocking noises continue after redistributing the load at least twice.

Step 6

Turn off the washer, and empty it.

Step 7

Place a long level on the top, along each of the four sides, to see which area needs leveling.


Step 8

Adjust the feet or clamps at the bottom of each corner, using pliers, to raise or lower the corner to level the uneven side.

Step 9

Recheck at the top of the machine with the level, to make sure all four sides are in level.

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