What Causes a Whirlpool Duet Washer to Leak?

Like all major appliances, the Whirlpool Duet front-loading washer is prone to failure over time. Some of these failures may result in either a minor or a major leak. The former can typically be fixed by any handyman, but the latter may require scrapping the unit and purchasing a new one.

All washing machines are prone to failure over time.


Hoses, commonly made of rubber, are typically the first parts to fail on a washing machine. If your Whirlpool Duet is leaking, it is best to check the hoses first. There are three hoses of major concern: the main drain hose and separate cold and hot water hoses. Ensure all hoses are free of kinks or holes, and ensure all are attached properly to both the washing machine and the main water valve in your home. If you find a problem, replace the hose promptly. All hoses are covered within Whirlpool's limited one-year warrant, which includes parts and service from a qualified technician.

Drain Pump

All washing machines, including the Whirlpool Duet, rely on an inner pump to regulate the water level. If your Whirlpool Duet is leaking, especially when the machine's main basket is filled with water, the pump could be to blame. Two hoses are connected to the pump, which should be checked for any holes or kinks. These can easily be replaced if faulty, but the whole pump unit may require replacement if the hoses appear to be in working order. The pump unit of a Whirlpool Duet washer is covered under Whirlpool's one-year limited warranty.


The plastic outer tub of your Whirlpool Duet washing machine may erode, rust or otherwise develop a hole or crack. This tub is covered under Whirlpool's limited 10-year warranty. If the unit is older than 10 years, repairing a leak caused by a defective outer tub is not really a viable option. Additionally, the rubber seal located between the machine's transmission and its plastic outer tub may also be responsible for a leak. To detect a leak of this type, fill your washing machine with water and a small amount of laundry detergent. The leak should be apparent underneath the outer tub. This seal is covered under Whirlpool's limited one-year warranty.

Water Inlet

The water inlet spout is a small plastic part located within the machine's main basket. If your Whirlpool Duet washer is leaking, ensure that this piece is fully attached to the machine and free of any cracks or damage. If a problem is found, the spout should be replaced promptly.