How to Turn Off the Water on a Washing Machine

Washing machines require a ready supply of hot and cold water for use in wash cycles. Two supply pipes at the back of the appliance connect to your home's plumbing via a shut-off valve that regulates the flow of water into the washing machine. You might want to switch off your washing machine's water supply before you move the appliance to a new location or have it serviced.

Turn off the water before you move or service your washing machine.

Step 1

Move your washing machine away from the wall or out from beneath the counter, if necessary, so you can see the water supply pipes.

Step 2

Follow the supply pipes to the wall. There are two shut-off valves, one each for hot and cold water, located where the pipes meet your home's piping.

Step 3

Examine the tops of the shut-off valve; an arrow marks the direction that closes the water supply (usually counterclockwise.)

Step 4

Turn both shut-off valves in the "Off" direction as far as they will go. The water supply to the washing machine is switched off.