How to Read a Maytag Serial Number

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The serial number on a Maytag washer will allow you to identify it, if you have the right reference guide.

The serial number on your Maytag washer will allow you to identify the model of the product and its year of manufacture. This may seem like a small benefit, but it would be key if you need to arrange a repair or have to order key parts, which in this case the model is a vital piece of information. To correctly read the serial number you must have the correct reference guide which you can download using the guide below.

Step 1

Download the document which will act as the reference point for your Maytag washer. The particular manual you need can be found in the first listing in the Resources section below, and will allow you to read the serial number by providing you with the corresponding model to your number.

Step 2

Find the serial number on your washer. The label location can vary depending on the type of washer. For a general household washer it is behind the control panel, which is located on the back left side of the base frame. On a residential washer it is on the bottom right-hand corner inside the washing lid. On commercial washers you will find it on the back top-right corner or left side.

Step 3

Compare this number with the models and manufacture dates in the guide described in Step One. By finding the corresponding model you can successfully read the serial number and extract the pertinent information from it.

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