Why Is My Dryer Stopping After it Starts?

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Always disconnect the power supply before inspecting your dryer.

A dryer that stops soon after it starts can be frustrating, especially when you don't know what's causing the issue to occur. Knowing some common reasons why a dryer can suddenly stop during a cycle can help troubleshoot the problem so you can correct it. In most cases, the issue involves only minor repair and perhaps the assistance of a dryer repair technician.


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Loose or Defective Cord

A loose or broken power cord can impact a dryer's performance. Inspect the power cord and ensure that the cord is firmly secure in the outlet. If wires are showing or the power cord appears discolored, it's likely that the cord needs to be replaced, since it's insufficient to provide constant power to your dryer. You can usually purchase a replacement cord from a store that sells appliances.

Worn Door Latch

Most dryers are equipped with a door latch that secures the door shut when the dryer is on. The latch acts as a safety feature that programs the dryer to shut off when the door opens to prevent you from becoming injured by the rotating drum. When the latch breaks, the force of the dryer drum's rotation can cause your laundry to push against the door and open it so that the dryer stops. Check the latch to make sure it functions properly. If it no longer holds the door shut, it must be replaced. Contact a dryer repair technician to swap out the failing latch.


Airflow Obstruction

A blown fuse will make a dryer stop operating in the midst of a cycle. If you discover that the dryer stops almost immediately once it's on, then the problem is usually caused by the dryer. Check the venting system for clogs that may impede airflow. Consult your dryer manual for specific instruction for cleaning your dryer's vent system. When airflow becomes blocked with lint and debris, the dryer can overheat and cause a fire. A fuse will blow as a precautionary measure to prevent an electrical fire from a faulty dryer. Always clean your dryer vents after each laundry load.


Faulty Fuse Box

A dryer that stops mid-way through or near the end of a cycle often points to a problem with the fuse box, not necessarily the dryer. Replace the fuses in the box with two new 30 amp fuses. Run the dryer for about 15 minutes and then turn it off. Take out the fuses from the box and feel them to determine whether they're hot to the touch, particularly at their ends. If they're hot, it's likely they're melting the fuse link as opposed to blowing entirely. Contact an electrician to repair the fuse box issue.



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