How to Stop Your Washing Machine From Freezing in Your Garage

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Things You'll Need

  • Weather stripping

  • Snap-on foam insulation

  • Oil-filled radiator heater

Washing machines in the garage run the risk of freezing during winter weather.
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An unheated garage isn't the ideal location for a washing machine, but it sometimes offers the only available space for it. In areas with below-freezing winter temperatures, the washer may suffer damage when hoses or valves freeze and burst. Pay attention to winter weather forecasts and take precautions to protect the washing machine when frigid temperatures are expected. This will prevent costly repair bills or the expense of a brand new washing machine.


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Step 1

Keep the garage doors and windows closed tightly.

Step 2

Put up weather stripping around garage doors and windows.

Step 3

Place snap-on foam insulation over exposed pipes leading to the washing machine.


Step 4

Set the water temperature to warm and allow 3 to 4 inches of water to pour into the tub. Set the cycle to spin after filling the tub. Repeat this process every three or four hours during extremely cold weather.

Step 5

Place an oil-filled radiator heater near the washing machine. Set the thermostat at its lowest temperature to keep the area around the washer just warm enough to prevent freezing.