How to Soak Clothes in a Front-Load Washer

Clothes that are covered with grass stains, mud, food or blood often need to be soaked ahead of the washing process. It is easy to pre-soak clothes in the tub of a regular front-load washing machine. A front-load washing machine has a door on the front side of the unit rather than at the top. Clothes are washed in a barrel drum. Even though the high-efficiency front-load washers use a smaller amount of water, it is possible to soak soiled clothes in them.

Woman with laundry
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Step 1

Place soiled clothes into the front-load washer and shut the door tightly.

Step 2

Add one-eighth to one-quarter cup of detergent to the drawer or panel at the top of the washer. Use the smaller amount if soaking one garment.

Step 3

Program the machine for the water temperature, load size and type of load. A football or soccer uniform will be heavily stained and should be set for a medium to heavy soil and a cold water temperature.

Step 4

Push the button to start the machine. A small amount of water will enter the washer barrel. Listen for a click, and a red light may come on that lets you know that the door has locked. This is a warning that you can no longer add any clothes.

Step 5

Wait for the front-load washer to fill with the remaining portion of water. Watch through the window for the clothes to start moving.

Step 6

Press the "Stop" button on the washing machine to stop the process. The water will remain in the barrel and the clothes will begin to soak. A football uniform should soak for no more than 45 minutes.