How to Make Temporary Dryer Vent With Panty Hose

When winter rolls around in Northern climates, efforts to conserve heat and reduce energy costs go into full swing. Many homeowners lament that all the heat from the home dryer is vented out of the home, wasting both heat and energy. Temporarily venting the dryer inside the home may be a logical remedy, as long as moisture is not a concern. According to North Dakota State University Extension, if humidity levels are low inside the home, venting the dryer inside is a safe alternative.

Venting the dryer to the inside of the home saves energy and increases humidity levels.

Step 1

Remove the end of the dryer hose at the point where it vents through your wall to the outside.

Step 2

Cut a 12-inch footed section from a pair of pantyhose.

Step 3

Stretch the opening on the pantyhose over the end of the dryer vent. Adjust for a snug fit.

Step 4

Secure the pantyhose to the dryer vent with a heavy-duty elastic or tie in place with twine.

Step 5

Check the pantyhose regularly and empty to remove lint.