How to Fix the Door on My Front Loader Washer

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Front load washing machines have several benefits. According to Consumer Reports, front load washers "deliver excellent cleaning with unmatched gentleness, as well as superb water and energy efficiency," and even perform better top-load washers. However, front loaders typically cost more, can have mold issues and the door can break. Sometimes your LG front load washer needs a door adjustment or the washing machine door needs a latch repair.


How to Fix the Door on My Front Loader Washer
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Reasons for Door Problems

If your washing machine's door either won't lock shut or won't open, the door lock assembly is most likely the issue. Other potential causes include problems with the wiring or the main electronic control board or with the washer's door hinge.


Another common problem: If the water-level pressure switch inaccurately indicates the washer is still full of water, then the door won't open. A clogged drain pump could also be the issue. If the washer remains full of water or there is ineffective drainage, the door will remain locked.

Fix 1: Replace the Washer Door Hinge

Sometimes called the washer's door hinge, the door lock assembly has three key components: A safety switch that detects whether the washer door is closed, a latch and a locking mechanism. If any of these components stops working when you have the door open, the door won't lock. Alternately, if one of these fails when the door is closed, then you won't be able to open the door. If either of these breakdowns occurs, you'll need to replace the entire door lock assembly.


Fix 2: Replace the Main Electric Board

Just like a computer, a washing machine has an electronic control board – or motherboard. This key part runs the timing and execution of the washer components, including the fill valves, the drive motor and the drain pump. If you've determined this crucial part is broken or malfunctioning, you'll need to replace the entire board.

Fix 3: Replace the Pressure Switch

Usually, if there is a malfunction with the water-lever pressure switch, the washer won't fill as it should. Either it will overfill the washer and cause it to overflow, or underfill and you won't have enough water to wash a load of clothing. If either of these scenarios occurs, it's time to replace the switch.


Fix 4: Fix or Replace the Drain Pump

If your washing machine isn't draining properly or if your LG front load washer is leaking, your door will be affected. Many different problems can occur with the pump: It can seize, the seal can fail or the impeller blades can break. A pump's belt can break if your machine has a belt-driven pump, then the pulley can shear off. Sometimes, you can fix the pump by replacing the seal, removing debris or fixing specific wires. If the pump is too shot to be easily repaired, you will need to replace it.



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