Samsung Dryer Installation Instructions

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Samsung offers a number of different dryers, from basic models that dry clothes using simple heat to more advance models with a steam-drying feature. No matter which dryer you purchase, the basics of installation remain the same. However, depending on the specific model you purchase for your home, there may be some additional steps to install the dryer.


Position the dryer in your laundry room or laundry closet near the dryer vent outtake. To prevent lint buildup within your dryer's exhaust system, you want to make sure the tubing is a short as possible, without many curves. This is important because dryer lint is highly flammable, and lint buildup presents a fire hazard.


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Your dryer must have two inches clear in front of it, even when the laundry closet door is closed. It must have an inch clear on either side and five inches clear in the back. It also much have seventeen inches clear above it. These clearances will allow the dryer to perform optimally and reduce fire hazards.

Basic Installation

Installing a basic Samsung clothes dryer is simple. Attach the dryer's exhaust outlet to the exhaust outtake built into the house or apartment wall. Use 4-inch ducting tube made of rigid aluminum or galvanized steel. If you need flexible ducting, use ducting with stiff walls rather than plastic or foil style ducting. A stiff structure prevents crushing or collapse and that reduces the risk of lint build up.


Keep the ducting as straight as possible between the dryer and the outtake. Use duct tape to attach the ducting to the dryer and to the outtake.

Once the vent ducting is attached, you can plug the dryer in. Make sure you plug the dryer into an outlet that has a proper ground. It should be a three-pronged outlet, rather than a two-pronged one.


Installing a Steam Dryer

Steam dryers have an additional installation step. They can jet water into the dryer cycle to steam clothes, helping to reduce wrinkles. This type of dryer must be attached to the cold-water faucet in the laundry room. Because the washing machine also attaches to the cold-water facet, you will need a Y connector to split the water flow. Attach the straight end of the Y connector securely to the cold-water faucet. Attach the straight end of the dryer water hose to one side of the Y connector. Attach the angled end of the water hose to the valve at the bottom of the dryer. The other side of the Y-connector allows you to attach your washing machine to the cold water faucet at the same time.



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