DIY: A Washing Machine That Spins Slowly

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Washing machines with too many items in the tub may be forced to spin slowly.

There are several reasons why a washing machine may not spin properly or fast enough. Causes that are more serious in scope, such as if the pump pulley or belt is broken or damaged, could require professional repair. Other possible causes include a broken lid switch or an issue with the motor. You can troubleshoot some less serious problems that result in a washing machine spinning slowly and resolve them.


Step 1

Turn off and unplug the washing machine.

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Step 2

Remove any items from inside the tub. Use a flashlight to inspect inside the washing machine for items that may be blocking the agitator from moving as necessary and remove them.

Step 3

Inspect between the inner and outer tubs for small items that may have gotten caught, preventing the tub from spinning correctly. Use a pair of pliers to remove if necessary.


Step 4

Remove the screws along the back frame to open the back access panel. There are usually between six and 10 screws. Set the screws aside and lift the back panel up and off. Inspect the pump, which typically looks like a white plastic mechanism near the floor of the washer. If debris or items get caught in the pump, the washer may not spin properly. Clean out any debris and replace the access panel. Tighten the screws in place.


Step 5

Clean the washer door or lid switch, which is the latch that closes the lid, with a damp cloth and then close the door or lid firmly. The washer will not function if the door or lid is ajar. Close the dispenser drawer firmly as well.

Step 6

Reduce the number of items placed inside the washing machine to create a balanced load size. Use only the recommended amount of detergent and choose a regular spin cycle, as "Delicate," "Extra Low" or "Low" cycles or spin speeds will reduce the spinning action.

Step 7

Contact a service professional if your machine still spins slowly.



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