How to Clean Mold Off The Rubber Seal on A Front Load Washer

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Front-loading washers are prone to smelly build-ups of mold and mildew that can cause both the house and the items washed to take on a putrid smell. Front-load washers are especially prone to developing mold around the rubber door seal. Water is often trapped in the rubber gasket around the door and over time, this leads to the growth of mold. The only way to deal with the problem of mold on the rubber seal of front load washer is to clean it regularly using the steps below.


Step 1

Run a long cycle of hot water and bleach through the washer to help kill off some of the mold and to clean the washer internally.


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Step 2

Put three parts bleach to one part water in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the rubber seal, being sure to get the bleach mixture into all the little crevices. Wipe down with a soft cloth. Do this at least once a week.


Step 3

Run a cleaning cycle with hot water and bleach or vinegar at least once a month to reduce the growth of mold in other parts of the washer.


Step 4

In severe cases, replace the rubber seal and start fresh, being sure to follow the tips and warnings listed below to prevent the problem from recurring.



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