My Washing Machine Has a High-Pitched Noise When It Is Filling

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Don’t allow an unfamiliar noise from your washer to continue without figuring out its cause.

A noisy washer can be frustrating to use, especially one that makes a high-pitched noise while filling. Such a noise can be deafening to the ears and make washing your clothes unpleasant. Although a dryer typically will sometimes squeak or squeal, if it makes these sounds each time you use your washer, you'll need to troubleshoot what's causing the noise. The sooner you can stop the noise, the more peaceful washing your clothes will be.


Water Supply Valves Too Tight

Loosen the washing machine's main water supply valves for both cold and hot water. Sometimes if the valves are too tight, it can constrain water pressure in the pipes. As a result, the force of the water flowing out of the pipes into your washer when the valve opens can cause a high-pitch screech that might persist until the dryer fills with water.


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Need to Break It In

You'll usually need to run a new washer through about five complete washing cycles to break it in. Until this time, the washer might squeak or squeal when it fills as well as when it transitions between each cycle. Although the sound might be irritating, it should only be a temporary annoyance and eventually will go away. If, however, your washing machine is squeaking and squealing when it fills and transitions after the break-in period, something is wrong with the appliance. Contact a washing machine repair specialist to evaluate the washer and make repairs if necessary.


Clogged Water Valve Screens

Each water valve to your washing machine is fitted with a screen, which basically is a small filter that prevents debris in the water from getting into the washer. Over time, one or both screens can become clogged, restricting water flow to your washer and consequently taking longer for your washer to fill. When this happens, you might hear a high-pitched squeal from the water struggling to pass through a congested screen. Consult your washer's user guide for instructions on how to detach the water valves to clean or replace their screens.


Rattling Pipes

If there's a problem with your home's plumbing, it can cause pipes to rattle whenever you turn the water on even when the washer is filling. If you hear high-pitch clinking noises that might sound similar to two pipes banging together, it's likely due to faulty plumbing. Contact a certified plumber to investigate the issue. He'll likely suggest some possible remedies to alleviate the noise.



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