How to Troubleshoot an LG DLE2514W Cooling Light That Stays On

The LG electric dryer, model DLE2514W, has five different settings that help you get the best drying results. However, the fact that the "Cooling" indicator on the control panel stays illuminated during any one of these drying cycles might perplex you -- is it actually drying or cooling the clothes at the moment? LG programmed this indicator on the dryer to stay lit and then flash when cooling actually begins. You can test this function out to make sure your dryer is not malfunctioning.

Thicker fabrics take longer to dry and cool down.

Step 1

Start a dryer cycle for a load of laundry to test the cooling light. For example, turn the cycle selector knob to "Cotton/Towels" in the Sensor Dry section, if you have a load of towels. Close the door after loading the clothing. Press "Start/Pause" to begin the cycle.

Step 2

Find the "Drying" and "Cooling" indicator lights at the very top of the control panel, to the right of the "Est. Time Remaining" display.

Step 3

Monitor the lights on both the indicators as the cycle runs. The drying light flashes on and off during the cycle. The cooling light stays solid and lit during drying a cycle as well. The "Cotton/Towels" cycle runs for 55 minutes and so the "Cooling" light stays lit for this entire time. However, after the cycle reaches the last five minutes, the "Cooling" light will start to flash on and off.