How to Clean the Pump Drain Filter on a Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Brush


Clean our your pump drain filter every few months for hassle-free operation of your Maytag Neptune front-load washer.


Always use caution when working with water and electricity.

Clean the filter on your Maytag Neptune front load washer to keep it running properly.

Front-load washers are, as the name implies, loaded through a door on the front, rather than the top. These types of washers are much more efficient, and able to wash a load of laundry with less water than a top-load machine. Maytag is one of the oldest appliance manufacturers in the United States, and introduced their front-loading model, the Maytag Neptune, in the early 2000s. The one thing that you have to watch out for in front-load washers is that the pump drain filter, where the water is siphoned out, sometimes becomes clogged with debris from the washer. In that case, you'll want to clean the pump drain filter on your Maytag Neptune front-load washer.


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Step 1

Unplug your Maytag Neptune front-load washer from the wall or cut off power to the electrical circuit where the washer is installed.

Step 2

Remove the front panel by twisting the upper right and left panel extensions inward. Press on the outer upper rims of the front panel posts to accomplish this. Use a screwdriver if you need help pressing on the metal panels. Slowly tilt the top of the panel away from the washer. Complete the process by unhooking the clips along the lower lip of the front panel. Lift the front panel up and out of the way.

Step 3

Unplug the electrical wires attached to the pump. Remove the pump by unlocking it from the base of the washer.


Step 4

Turn the pump over and check for loose items inside such as buttons, bra clips or loose change. Remove any debris from the inside the filter with a soft-bristled brush.

Step 5

Reattach the filter to the washer base. Plug in the pump wires. It doesn't matter which way they go in.

Step 6

Replace the front access cover.

Step 7

Restore power to the dishwasher. Run a load on empty and check for proper operation.


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